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Policies and Procedures

14 days ago

Descanso Elementary School Policies and Procedures 


Safe       *      Respectful      *     Responsible

Policies and Procedures:

    *The gate near the Kindergarten Playground is the main entrance to campus.

    *The front double doors and all additional gates will remain locked during school hours.

    *Students must be signed into the Before School Program by 8:00am.

    *Students will not be allowed to sign into the Before School Program after 8:00am.

    *Students must attend the After School Program on a daily basis until 5:00.

    * If you have an issue you would like to discuss with your child’s teacher or the principal, please

       set up a time to meet via the front office or through email.

    *Teachers have several responsibilities to attend to prior to the school day.  Please refrain

       from entering your child’s classroom before school.

    *Toys of any kind and/or sports equipment from home are not allowed at school. 


Campus Safety:

    *All visitors and volunteers must register immediately in the office upon entering school


    *Do not enter classrooms or take your child without coming to the office first.

    *If you need to check your child out of school early, please go to the office.

    *Students leaving early will be called to the office to be released to a parent.

    *Parents wishing to visit classrooms must make prior arrangements through the school office.

    *Parents wishing to eat lunch with their child during the school day must sign him/her out of 

      school and eat lunch off campus. Parents must sign students back in when they return.

    *Please contact the office before lunch if there is a change in your child’s after school


    *Energy drinks, gum or hard candy are not allowed at school.

    *Students are not allowed to share or trade food. Not all students can eat all foods.

    *Items brought from home will be kept in the office for parent pick up.

    *Due to safety and allergy concerns, pets are not allowed on campus.

    *Service animals are allowed on campus.

Arrival Procedures:

    *Parking is available in the side lot or on the street. Do not park in the bus circle or in

      No Parking Zones.

    *Parents are not allowed on the school playground during school hours.

    *Children are not allowed on campus before 8:30. (Late Start Wednesdays @ 9:30)

    *Playground supervision begins at 8:30. (Late Start Wednesdays @ 9:30)

    *If your child is late to school, please check him/her in at the office for a tardy slip.

    *Make sure your child knows where to go every day after school.


    *Only in the case of an emergency will the office forward messages from parent to student.

    *To ensure a good learning environment and to prevent unnecessary classroom disruptions, 

      non-emergency messages for students and/or teachers will be left in the teacher’s mailbox.

    *Teachers may be reached via email.


Dismissal Procedures:

    *Parking is available in the side lot or on the street. Do not park in the bus circle or in

      No Parking Zones.

    *If you arrive before 3:25, please wait in one of our Parent Waiting Areas under the over 

      hang near the office or near the green tables near the Kindergarten playground until the 

      dismissal bell rings at 3:25.

    *Students will not be released from classrooms until 3:25.

    *Please do not wait/stand in front of classroom doors, in the hallway, or entryway.

    *Siblings need to be supervised and with a parent at all times.

    *During school hours, playgrounds are intended for Descanso Elementary School Students


    *After school hours, playgrounds are only intended for students attending our After

      School Program.


Release of Students During School Hours:

    *Students must have written parental permission to leave school early.

    *Students will not be allowed to leave campus with a friend, even if they are on the emergency card, 

      without written permission from a parent/guardian.

    *If you need to check your child out of school early, please go to the office.

    *Students leaving school early will be called to the office to be released to released to a parent.

Attendance and Tardies:

    *We request that students not be taken out of school for vacations, day trips, or personal


    *Please report absences immediately by calling 445-2126 the morning of the absence. All absences 

      must be verified within 48 hours by a direct call or a note signed by a parent/guardian and 

      delivered to the secretary. Each consecutive day of absence must be called in and verified.

    *Our attendance policy stipulates that absences can only be excused for the following reason:

      personal illness, health department quarantine, medical, dental, optometric or chiropractic

      appointment, 1 day in state or 3 days for out of state attendance at a funeral service for an

      immediate family member, any court ordered appearance such as subpoena, observance of

      a religious holiday, or attendance at an Attendance Review Hearing.

    *Any absences for any reason other than those listed above, is considered unexcused. An absence

      that is not properly verified will be considered unexcused.

    *Students are considered to be present and not tardy when they are physically inside their 

      classroom by 9:01.


Medication at School:

    *If your child needs to take medication at school, your physician must complete and sign the

      appropriate Physicians Authorization form. This form requires a parent signature to be valid. 

    *Medications must be brought to school by a parent in the original containers labeled with the name

      of the child and the name of the medication.

    *Students are not to carry medication with them at any time. This includes any over the counter 

      medications like Advil or cough drops.

Independent Contracts for Study:

    *It is extremely important that students have regular attendance until the end of the school year. 

      Parents should be aware that five or more absences in a grading period might have a significant 

      effect on a student’s academic progress. Therefore, students who will miss five or more consecutive

      days for reasons other than illness are encouraged to complete an Independent Contract for Study

      in lieu of attending school, not to exceed 10 days per school year.

    *To be eligible for independent study, parents must send a written notice to the school secretary at

      least 5 days prior to the planned absence outlining dates and reasons for the request. All work 

      must be submitted on the day the student returns to receive credit for those days missed.

    *Please note that Contracts for Independent Study will not be issued after May 31.

School Communication-Wednesday Envelopes, All-Calls, School Website:

    *Communication between school and home is crucial to a smoothly running school. To ensure 

      parents receive important written information like, permission slips, monthly calendars, classwork,

      and/or publicity flyers, all paperwork will be sent home every Wednesday inside the Wednesday


    *Please check your child’s Wednesday Envelope and review his/her class work each week.

    *Parents can visit the Descanso or MEUSD websites for news, calendar information and upcoming


    *School All Call Messages will be sent throughout the school year. The All Call System will call the first 

      phone number provided on the MEUSD registration form. 


Illness or Injury at School:

    *When your child becomes ill or is injured at school, every attempt will be made to reach you. If the

      school is unable to reach you, the person listed on your child’s emergency card will be contacted. If 

      authorized emergency friends/relatives are not available and immediate treatment is advisable, the

      child may be transported to the nearest hospital.

    *When children experience a communicable disease illness such as chicken pox, strep throat, head

      lice, etc., it must be reported to the school secretary immediately. After appropriate treatment, and

     recuperation the student will need to check in through the school secretary or District nurse before

     returning to school.

Dress Code:

    *Students’ clothing must not be a distraction that would interfere with the educational process.

    *Slippers or pajamas may not be worn at school.

    *Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times.  No flip-flops, sandals or high-heeled shoes.   

    *If inappropriate shoes or clothing are worn to school, parents will be called and asked to bring

      appropriate attire to school.

    *Hats, bandanas, hoods or other headgear may not be worn inside classrooms.

    *Clothing, jewelry, or personal items shall be free of writing, pictures, and any other insignia which

      are crude, vulgar, profane, or sexually suggestive, which bear drug, alcohol, or tobacco company

      advertising, promotions, and likenesses, or which advocate prejudice.

    *Bare midriffs may not be exposed. No see through, backless, strapless, or single strap garments.

    *Tops shall have at least one-inch straps that cover the undergarments.

    *Hazardous jewelry or clothing may not be worn, including pointed objects, spikes, chains, etc.

    *Skirts, dresses, or shorts may not be shorter than fingertip length.


Lost and Found:

    *Articles found in school will be placed on the Lost and Found Hooks. All unclaimed items will be

      donated at the end of every MONTH. Please label all personal items with first and last name.


Cell Phones:

We do not recommend that students bring cell phones to school; however, if you want your child to carry a cell phone, please be advised:

    *The school is in no way responsible for the safekeeping of cell phones.  Parents assume all liability

      for the phone’s loss or breakage.

    *For security reasons, it must be kept in a backpack and turned off so as not to disturb the 

      learning environment.  If you need to leave a message for your child, please go through the school


    *Students may NOT use cell phones on the bus or in the Before/After School Program.

    *iPod's, MP3 players, tablets, I Pads and other electronic devices are not allowed at school. 

    *Students will be asked to put any visible electronic devices in their backpack.